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Gen. Kelly comments to the press re: fallen servicemen    10/19/17  (122)
i have consumed over 2 L of vodka in the last 16 hours    10/19/17  (7)
Watched "Sorcerer" last night- holy shit    10/19/17  (20)
Ryan Klesko    10/19/17  (61)
Had a job interview...annoying shrew co-candidate had weird psycho mannerisms:    10/19/17  (5)
i regret quitting my lower-paying job for my CURRENT job.    10/19/17  (1)
ending it all tonight    10/19/17  (6)
Should I fuck up my employers data before I quit (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (39)
Instead of gaming, why not learn how to code    10/19/17  (7)
Currently watching "My 600 lb Life" - how the fuck do people get this large?    10/19/17  (19)
"2 and 20" is really an incredible bargain when you think about it    10/19/17  (4)
can you queer something that's already been queered??    10/19/17  (1)
"I'm a stay at home dad." "What does your wife do?" "Oh, she is a chaturbat    10/19/17  (1)
Can anyone recommend some tobacco to make own cigs    10/19/17  (8)
Redman spends his life explaining he's not actually in the Wu Tang Clan    10/19/17  (1)
Downtown Baltimore has like 500 stores selling African shit; who buys it?    10/19/17  (1)
does your wife chaturbate?    10/19/17  (4)
What phone do you have?    10/19/17  (64)
*idris elba asking the court to take judicial notice of how fat dat ass is*    10/19/17  (1)
"Idris Elba talking in jive" is the worst meme this board has    10/19/17  (22)
"This is going to be a group interview" said the interviewer, passing out knives    10/19/17  (30)
"The court notes that Mr Elba has introduced his 'demo tape' into evidence"    10/19/17  (21)
tedcruz listen to me for life advice instead    10/19/17  (3)
I feel like my butthole is small and cute.    10/19/17  (2)
Dodgers vs Cubs    10/19/17  (15)
Post links to good gym songs to pump you up.    10/19/17  (4)
Do you see any of them in court today? *points at Idris Elba*    10/19/17  (33)
The jams at this brunch spot are WORLD FAMOUS. You've prolly heard of them.    10/19/17  (6)
Sexy condor pics ITT    10/19/17  (16)
Which one of you is running the Weihan Zhang twitter account?    10/19/17  (30)
I don't recognize at least 3/4 of my knickers anymore    10/19/17  (2)
Affleck: Weinstein is #1 example of right's double standards. Trump is getting    10/19/17  (25)
*d-day GIs see 2017 libs* *US & German troops having beers by 10am    10/19/17  (10)
Queering MySQL    10/19/17  (5)
I don't recognize at least 3/4 of the monikers on here anymore    10/19/17  (6)
I dont recognize at least 3/4 of my monikers anymore    10/19/17  (1)
A tiny Chinese man emerges from a Helly Hansen jacket with BP logo    10/19/17  (4)
and so it begins: Conservative group dons diapers to protest 'safe spaces'--link    10/19/17  (1)
Why does "All American" Paul Ryan look like some kind of Transylvanian Gypsy?    10/19/17  (8)
tedcruz, some tips from a fellow underachiever    10/19/17  (17)
For female lawyers, shouldn't it be called the "bat exam"?    10/19/17  (8)
Why does your wife masturbate?    10/19/17  (3)
Aioli, chutney, coulis, sriracha, chipotle niggerbutter, all flame condiments.    10/19/17  (13)
I can see when I'm not wanted. Goodbye xo    10/19/17  (4)
Does your wife masturbate?    10/19/17  (35)
***MPM2017 ANNOUNCEMENT - RULE AND FORMAT CHANGES***    10/19/17  (91)
Woke up with the fattest hardest 180 erection in years    10/19/17  (3)
In a nod to XO, President Trump imposed a travel ban on Chad.    10/19/17  (2)
What's the most INSANE thing you do?    10/19/17  (11)
List your five favorite albums ITT    10/19/17  (115)
Any must see threads before I retire    10/19/17  (3)
Cuck TBS listing Kike Hernandez as "Enrique Hernandez", what is this shit?    10/19/17  (15)
Potential employer calling my references. Should I expect an offer?    10/19/17  (5)
I'm running "Megaposter Madness" this year, not that "my dog" fag    10/19/17  (38)
   10/19/17  (2)
Dead bedroom -- holy shit    10/19/17  (4)
Eat tuna straight out of the can. Girls will think you eat a lot of pussy.    10/19/17  (13)
Marriedmos: who initiates sex more? You or your spouse?    10/19/17  (95)
Does Geneva convention guarantee abortion option for female soldier POWs?    10/19/17  (1)
Recruiting poasters ITT to assist in ruining and destroying Watchmen's MPM 2017    10/19/17  (5)
best way to get revenge on my employer that won't land me in jail    10/19/17  (7)
Being a white liberal is basically having a BDSM fetish but will get u killed?    10/19/17  (2)
Nonlawyers: if I ask employer to pay me now, how to effectively threaten til    10/19/17  (1)
UC Santa Cruz Republican meeting ends in arrests; story reads like a parody:    10/19/17  (37)
Lawyers: if I ask employer to pay me now, are they legally obligated to do it    10/19/17  (6)
If you had to guess, what do you think Tyler Perry's net worth is?    10/19/17  (20)
Libs decimating xoKelly on MSNBC right now, 180    10/19/17  (5)
Should I fuck my employers mana before I quit    10/19/17  (1)
JK Roher announces formation of all-straight-male "BeefBoy Scouts"    10/19/17  (4)
GenX cellmate fucks my ass all wrong, what a loser (tedcruztp)    10/19/17  (6)
girl just stood up and shouted "I feel bad for the black people at Chipolte!"    10/19/17  (20)
fuck SPRINT, it's free and still not worth it    10/19/17  (3)
"A Fag Cummed," "Ticklerama" and Other Fine Stories    10/19/17  (6)
Niggerama, Mind the Vomit Pile, and other New York Stories    10/19/17  (1)
What do mexicans call the gulf of mexico?    10/19/17  (3)
Post a pic of an idealized/better version of yourself    10/19/17  (54)
The proofs that Paul McCartney is dead: Sept 11, 1966    10/19/17  (5)
Hilarious how many "latinos" there are in college w/ blue eyes, mayo white skin    10/19/17  (7)
POTUS says Americans should honor the US flag? WTF???? (actual shitlib)    10/19/17  (1)
tedcruz tp is 180 and if you disagree you're a dirty kike    10/19/17  (1)
The fat acceptance movement is really struggling to catch on despite lib efforts    10/19/17  (2)
When I first login to xo, I click on new messages first.    10/19/17  (1)
1000% straight Cubs fan here but Puig can be my arrogant stud daddi anytime    10/19/17  (2)
Wife pissed because I ate all the Halloween candy and threw up (spaceporn)    10/19/17  (8)
Odds tedcruz tp shoots up his office?    10/19/17  (2)
Yankees are a special team. Supposed to win 85 games.    10/19/17  (30)
Political Mastermen: Who will win Virginia Governor's race in a few weeks?    10/19/17  (1)
Who is running the I'm swedish btw schtick? Couldn't stop laughing.    10/19/17  (2)
Dodgers/Nats fans, how scared AF are you of facing the Cubs in the postseason?    10/19/17  (27)
Dr. Thunder may win MPM Championship this season    10/19/17  (2)
chill kurd bros roll call    10/19/17  (14)
is uspo marathi, punjabi, or gujarati?    10/19/17  (3)
Thunder may win NBA Championship this season    10/19/17  (10)
Ozark proles have their own version of autoadmit and it gapes this bort (link)    10/19/17  (119)
Retiring in 9 days    10/19/17  (1)
What do you call it when a jewish lawyer gets kicked out of his religion    10/19/17  (2)
due to imminent retirement i am (pre) withdrawing from MPM17    10/19/17  (5)
We have a new partner that is a biglaw refugee. HOLY SHIT is this dude awkward    10/19/17  (2)
Photo of a highschool class in the Russian far east:    10/19/17  (23)
Can I get Bar Mitzvahed if I didn't when younger?    10/19/17  (24)
One of my lib "friends" keep calling me dad    10/19/17  (6)
Instead of poasting, why not learn how to code    10/19/17  (1)
Libs, remember when you were the "good guys"? The "right side of history" guys?    10/19/17  (1)
Chiefs vs Raiders    10/19/17  (29)
Reading xo made me realize I'm perfect fit for biglaw (tedcruztp    10/19/17  (125)
LOL at Paul George and Carmelo taking all of Westbrook's shots    10/19/17  (3)
Taking Chance    10/19/17  (1)
Remember when Ted Cruz TP had his delusions of biglaw grandeur?    10/19/17  (3)
Shrew boss just send me a scathing email (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (51)
If libs had any honor they would've organized a mass suicide by now    10/19/17  (2)
Mr. Elba, please stop describing your alibi witness as "featured" on this "track    10/19/17  (11)
Did other great cultures have this bizarre fetishism for GOLD STAR FAMILIES    10/19/17  (6)
How do I win MPM?    10/19/17  (1)
Remember when libs said Bush was a "dry drunk" and mentally unfit to be POTUS?    10/19/17  (8)
"Gay Weirdo" tp is pretty unhinged over this Megapoaster Madness shit    10/19/17  (3)
just realized Mike Flynn was Trump's sanity check    10/19/17  (1)
Is there any doubt that facemo is bad motherfucker?    10/19/17  (4)
Two prestigious blacks talk shit about Ta-Nehisi (NYT)    10/19/17  (6)
mpa and sharklasers going ass to ass on a double ended dildo    10/19/17  (21)
Mr Elba, the fat suit is impressive, but this is not a Tyler Perry film    10/19/17  (1)
WTF, Trump is BLOCKING illegal Mexicans from getting ABORTIONS    10/19/17  (5)
That Carnelo guy is good. Knicks should get someone like that.    10/19/17  (2)
"Mr. Elba, I've asked you before to omit 'crying-laughing' emojis from motions"    10/19/17  (39)
Petition for a Non-Sex Haver Sub Board    10/19/17  (7)
Boss is on my ass about this 30(b)(6) depo tomorrow. Better not blaze up tonight    10/19/17  (9)
Who is the smartest black woman of all time?    10/19/17  (2)
strangely attracted to Indian woman at work    10/19/17  (23)
RATE this sign from Whole Foods (link)    10/19/17  (46)
What is IQ disparity between you and gf/wife?    10/19/17  (160)
cant wait for facemo to go unhinged again this year in MPM    10/19/17  (1)
New grocery chain Whoke Foods    10/19/17  (1)
Idris Elba: "moshun da strike yah honuh. Dis nigga gone get hit"    10/19/17  (68)
"Mr Elba, the witness has made it very clear he does not want to buy a candy bar    10/19/17  (38)
Not gonna sugarcoat this anymore. FUCK NIGGERS    10/19/17  (6)
Is this true about female infidelity?    10/19/17  (3)
Reminder: women who "struggle" with their weight have already lost (DTP)    10/19/17  (17)
At least in ethnically homogeneous countries they view low IQ as their own    10/19/17  (27)
Rach can you start a Nigger board and sort all the N-threads there? TYTY    10/19/17  (5)
Got depressed for several days after reading about online mattress affiliate    10/19/17  (1)
ITT: Describe Cow Goes Moo's response to common parenting    10/19/17  (87)
Niggers, for lack of a better word, are shit.    10/19/17  (8)
Ever notice how NIGGERS smell and look like absolutely fucking shit?    10/19/17  (37)
Man is born free, and everywhere he is in diapers.    10/19/17  (10)
spaceporn, poast some more pics of your depressing shitbox home    10/19/17  (1)
The Only Super Mario Odyssey Review I care about is Pepito's    10/19/17  (3)

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