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the black race isn't stupid, the black CULTURE is stupid (not racist)    10/17/17  (285)
Leaving wife for mistress    10/19/17  (283)
The life of Jim Kelly tp is a great cautionary tale of the dangers of GC    10/19/17  (210)
Get Thee's Husband considering answering questions with new alt    10/19/17  (175)
What is IQ disparity between you and gf/wife?    10/19/17  (160)
I find Mexico the most most devastating counter argument to libs    10/17/17  (159)
I am surprised misogynist XO is so anti divorce    10/19/17  (140)
The racism on this board is out of control and sickening    10/18/17  (134)
Just turned down employer for job I had originally accepted, they were PISSED    10/14/17  (134)
What's the difference between nyuug and a piece of sushi?    10/19/17  (123)
Gen. Kelly comments to the press re: fallen servicemen    10/19/17  (122)
$20 million in crypto gains    10/18/17  (117)
List your five favorite albums ITT    10/19/17  (115)
Audi vs bmw reliability?    10/19/17  (115)
Julia is mentally ill because she wasn't hot enough to model or act, had to    10/18/17  (115)
Got messaged out of the blue by former intern (CharlesXII)    10/19/17  (114)
Whose husband has the biggest dick? Nutella, Julia or 29tp's? Nutella claimed 8"    10/16/17  (112)
Asked husband for open relationship, now he only bangs trannies (Reddit)    10/17/17  (112)
what do you predict will happen in the next 25 years?    10/17/17  (103)
my new lawyer SEEKING SANCTIONS on opposing party (soon-to-be ex-wife)    10/17/17  (101)
Bros, I regret to inform you that WMTP took his own life tonight    10/19/17  (100)
Does it make sense for us to refinance student loans?    10/18/17  (98)
Remember that backpacking trip through Europe you did at age 20? What a disaster    10/18/17  (97)
Alts to anyone who wants one in this thread for the next 10 min. One apiece    10/14/17  (97)
Marriedmos: who initiates sex more? You or your spouse?    10/19/17  (95)
Holy shit snopes mentions are greatbort!    10/18/17  (94)
NFL Thursday Night Football rating up 7% from last year's game    10/13/17  (93)
***MPM2017 ANNOUNCEMENT - RULE AND FORMAT CHANGES***    10/19/17  (91)
What were you listening to in 1994?    10/18/17  (91)
Facebook "Me too." meme is helping me identify damaged BPD sluts    10/18/17  (91)
"Mediocre man-sex": Yale Jewess rants against sex with non-Chads    10/13/17  (91)
I am on a deal with Earl's firm    10/18/17  (90)
Reminder: GTTR's husband said her favorite positions are missionary and doggy    10/15/17  (90)
Alt right icon Mike Enoch gets lifepwned (New Yorker)    10/19/17  (88)
lol cfb playoffs will be such a clusterfuck    10/16/17  (88)
Resolved: Weddings are insufferable.    10/16/17  (88)
How does everyone here make 200k    10/13/17  (88)
Rate my checking account (Epah)    10/19/17  (87)
Black HLS student kicked off flight with babby    10/19/17  (84)
Do law firm partners use personal LLCs to write off their cars and shit?    10/18/17  (84)
What should I do with my lyfe? (PF)    10/17/17  (82)
Ragnus, do you remember me telling you to knock it off?    10/19/17  (81)
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare (longread    10/18/17  (81)
Today I PWNED the EVER-LIVING SHIT out of Gen-X supervisor    10/17/17  (81)
Kevin Spacey: the next Weinstein    10/18/17  (80)
so Harvey Weinstein literally did nothing wrong/illegal?    10/16/17  (79)
Libs are railing on GOP senator for saying 150k is middle class income    10/16/17  (78)
Any requests for MPM this year now that I'm running it?    10/15/17  (77)
If Democrats go after Free Speech, they are Truly Done    10/19/17  (76)
RATE this txt from girl who is flying from Sydney to HKG to see me    10/19/17  (75)
wapo: appalling datelab highlights the misery of capital city romance    10/19/17  (74)
Cliffs for why the alt right is obsessed with the so called "Holodomor"?    10/18/17  (74)
Newsweek: How Hillary Can Still Become President (Oct 2017)    10/17/17  (74)
twins sucks at rating poasters. I will rate you as cars ITT    10/16/17  (74)
4th Circuit: WWI Memorial Must Be Torn Down Bc in Shape of Cross    10/19/17  (73)
so I test drove the X5, the Cayenne, the XC90, the GX460, and GLE350    10/18/17  (73)
Mass Effect 4 was not super well received, what is the cr RPG    10/19/17  (73)
Did you guys hear the Weinstein audio? Its horrific    10/13/17  (72)
Millenials beats the shit out of baby boomer at football game (VIDEO)    10/16/17  (71)
Zionism is just Nazism for Jews    10/19/17  (70)
not a litmo, but how do firms actually review 100k documents?    10/15/17  (68)
Wait property taxes for boomers in Cali are locked in at 1970s rates???    10/14/17  (68)
Mother & 'freelance writer' complains that husband wants her to clean the house    10/15/17  (67)
I don't get Ta-nehisi Coates' argument    10/13/17  (67)
Would love to drop middling IQ "uspo" in a woodchipper    10/18/17  (66)
Stock market CRASHING DOWN    10/19/17  (65)
why the fuck would a dude who's dad is loaded ($700MM net worth) join army?!    10/19/17  (65)
This boart has really come down hard on agwwg.    10/19/17  (65)
What phone do you have?    10/19/17  (64)
Marriedmos: Abstain Before Wedding To Ensure Wedding Night Sex?    10/19/17  (64)
Poast ITT and I will rate you as oil and gas deals/bullshit I've done    10/17/17  (64)
lol, liberal men confessing and apologizing for sexual harassment on FB    10/17/17  (63)
The Economist: Chicago is one of the world's safest cities    10/13/17  (62)
Ryan Klesko    10/19/17  (61)
ITT: TRUMPTARDS defending Trump's comment to the Fallen Soldier's Widow    10/18/17  (61)
How Stephen Miller Single-Handedly Got the U.S. to Accept Fewer Refugees    10/15/17  (61)
Poasted in    10/15/17  (61)
Giving away hypos briefly    10/19/17  (59)
I was raped my first week of college. Here is my survivor story.    10/19/17  (59)
MILEMOS, STATE your current balance by program    10/19/17  (58)
I support nyuug and so should you    10/18/17  (58)
would you fuck this 20yo middle school teacher?    10/17/17  (58)
Can you imagine being Julia?    10/19/17  (56)
Reddit FIRE bro goes from Income of 25k to 275k in 7 years    10/16/17  (56)
What's the story behind ur moniker    10/15/17  (56)
Don't work out if you're a FUCKING WHITE MALE    10/18/17  (55)
/!\ McKayla Maroney reveals she was molested by US team doctor for 7 years /!\    10/19/17  (55)
want to watch a psychologicaly rattling movie that is not grotesque    10/18/17  (55)
*JCM wearing a harness and 12 inch Black dildo.....& she's running towards you*    10/15/17  (55)
70% of America is now overweight or obese    10/15/17  (55)
Post a pic of an idealized/better version of yourself    10/19/17  (54)
Thinking of quitting GC and pursuing PhD Econ    10/19/17  (54)
So basically America is heading for having an almost 100% fat population?    10/14/17  (54)
Nursing book breaks down typical pain response behavior by race    10/19/17  (53)
400mg test e/50mg anavar/ 75mg t3/arimidex/strict keto    10/17/17  (53)
ITT you write a max 50 word bio about your bort persona    10/19/17  (52)
ITT, answering any and all questions about anime & JRPGs    10/13/17  (52)
Shrew boss just send me a scathing email (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (51)
What the fuck are you supposed to do with your life?    10/18/17  (51)
Who are the people on here with shitty lives?    10/18/17  (51)
Would you rather date a cheerful, latina prole barista or overworked shrew attor    10/17/17  (51)
every woman in my FB feed is on that #MeToo this morning    10/16/17  (51)
Millennial income numbers from MAJOR CITIES is depressing    10/15/17  (51)
sneaking out of a party early without saying bye to anyone. infp? lmao    10/18/17  (51)
Blade runner was one of the best movies of the decade and it flopped    10/15/17  (51)
Black people are at their LEAST credible when they discuss black issues.    10/17/17  (51)
Do libs ever step back and think at how they called GWB a monster and horrible    10/19/17  (50)
MacBook Water Damage    10/19/17  (50)
This thread makes intolerant racists mad. LJL, racists!    10/18/17  (50)
No, we always just meant "black people" when we said "divesity" (NYT)    10/18/17  (50)
Which Trump incidents most revealed the grotesque and foreign values of media?    10/18/17  (50)
do in house counsel miss biglaw    10/16/17  (50)
Explain casino money laundering to me like I'm a retarded toddler...    10/15/17  (50)
just got a brand new computer. what to install?    10/17/17  (50)
Ben Affleck is a Rapist    10/13/17  (50)
what is the moast delicious pasta dish?    10/19/17  (49)
Why does EVERY SINGLE ASIAN AGED 20 TO 40 like J. Crew so much    10/19/17  (49)
Gaming is an expensive Hobby. Not as bad as drinking at bars    10/14/17  (49)
Is an mba @ UWisc/UNC type schools OOS ever a good idea?    10/19/17  (48)
the insane RSF brother spammer is UVT    10/18/17  (48)
When did this site turn to shit?    10/17/17  (48)
incredible the iq difference b/w sports msg boards and xo    10/13/17  (48)
Hillary's Pastor: Hillary losing to Trump was like Jesus' crucifixion (link)    10/18/17  (47)
How many times has the post-USO season determined YE#1? #tennis    10/16/17  (47)
fighting with gf because she pushed back sex all weekend until it didn't happen    10/16/17  (47)
Trump should have gone populist on healthcare instead of this whole mess    10/13/17  (47)
RATE this sign from Whole Foods (link)    10/19/17  (46)
To the new guy running the next MPM. (WMTP)    10/16/17  (46)
Rate these two gifs of McKayla shaking her BBW ass    10/16/17  (46)
Reparations idea: one-way airfare Africa + 30k upon departure from USA    10/19/17  (45)
Comprehensive list of likely Watchmen (WMTP) alt accounts    10/19/17  (45)
Former S&C Lit Shrew Weds Her S&C Lit Partner, 2 USDJs Officiate (NYT)    10/16/17  (45)
I'm really smart, I'm just not motivated! Let's go with that!    10/15/17  (45)
Libs planning their own MPM?    10/18/17  (45)
i'm CONSUMED by my HATRED for my soon-to-be ex-wife    10/18/17  (44)
Turns out this "Chapo" faggot is a pervy fag who lives with his parents lol    10/18/17  (44)
"Hepatitis J?! What the fuck?!" -- Peterman to ER nurse.    10/19/17  (44)
Neonazi Comes Out As A Gay Jew    10/17/17  (44)
The Apple Airpods are extremely 178, highly recommended    10/19/17  (44)
Hillary refers to Russian election "interference" as a cyber 9/11    10/18/17  (44)
Restaurants are striver trash    10/16/17  (44)
RATE These 5 Jewesses (PIC)    10/18/17  (44)
Jew landlord jacking up your rent 40%, meanwhile he lives in Section 8 housing    10/15/17  (44)
Stupid fucking client signed a release for $1K three days after retaining me    10/19/17  (43)
list current xo feuds    10/19/17  (43)
Another: Married 32yo teacher has THREESOMES with 14yo; u: sig pages, j/o    10/19/17  (43)
My Gen-X boss is too scared to FIRE me    10/19/17  (43)
Irish intelligence is #1.    10/18/17  (43)